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Morocco, "The thousand and one nights".

Actualizado: 17 may

Without a doubt one of the greatest...

A multicultural country, full of life, finding in each person all the nuances of a warm welcoming smile, with a great European influence and the main entrance to the old continent.

“Falta fé” | Mezquita Moulay Yazid – Marrakesh, Marruecos.

Tangier, Morocco.

One of the cities that welcomes you with a smell similar to wet oregano and with sepia tones, as if it were trapped in time. Where its inhabitants wake up every day with the view of the Spanish coasts. The feeling of a prayer to Allah, motivated by faith and 14 kilometers away, left a hole in the soul, thinking "so close and so far".

“Km. 0” | Cabo Espartel – Tanger, Marruecos.

Marrakech, Morocco.

With a different nightlife from the West, where night walks predominate, accompanied by the traditional Moroccan whiskey, that particular green tea, mint and spices, where the 3 main ones coexist, yields of religion (Islam, Christianity, Judaism) with a gastronomy full of flavors, as many as the shades of colors that frame its desert.

Bamako, Mali.

Highly economically and politically deprived where it seems that they give its inhabitants the strength to smile every day and enjoy their work, a country where for the first time in a long time I felt "broken" due to the diversity of its fauna, peace and its sunsets in all imagined shades of orange and purple.

“Apertura de Frontera” | Av. Mohammed – Tanger, Marruecos.

“Ceteris Paribus” | Caverna Hércules – Tanger, Marruecos.

Tarifa, Spain.

Finally crossing the Strait of Gibraltar, one of the most important in the world and one of the busiest commercial shipping routes, the entrance to the Mediterranean and the number of lives lost that tried to cross, addressed my thoughts at the time of crossing it. On the starboard side the Moroccan flag descended, to hoist the Spanish flag, a signal to prepare to disembark in Tarifa; the southernmost part of Spain. The cultural impact separated by 30 minutes of navigation, a small town where its walls marked a Roman influence, cobblestone streets, quiet, where for the first time they made me think of my nation and those people I appreciate painted on its walls and in the best cafes Neapolitans that have tasted my palate. An incredible corner to stop for a moment and continue the journey.

“Detrás de Roma” | El Foso – Tarifa, España.

The North end of Africa, without a doubt, full of scents and nuances that leave you wanting a little more. To all the casual and passionate people, I dedicate this blog.

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4 commentaires

22 oct. 2023

Ver tus fotografías es poder imaginar que estás en ese lugar aunque sea por pequeños instantes. Excelente trabajo.


Caty Ortiz
Caty Ortiz
03 avr. 2023

Es lo mas interesante y agradable a la vista que he podido apreciar. podrías subir mas fotos? me parece que tu vision es exquisita


Chucho Toscano
Chucho Toscano
21 mars 2023

Excelentes fotografías!!!

Mucho éxito...


09 déc. 2021



Hi, thanks for dropping by!

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