Through Amalia.

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Without a doubt one of the greatest challenges and satisfactions of my life, as Gabriel Garcia said. "Happiness is in how to climb the steep slope".

April, 2019 - "Running the risk you will learn".

Life has certainly given me the opportunity to meet incredible people and at the same time put my life on hold, always at the expense of renewing myself, which led me to this story called AmaliA.

The wrong idea of doing it, so many doubts, will I succeed? They crossed my mind more than once. For love dare? A romantic concept, that after weeks the utopian from crystallized became real.

What story to tell? Between piles of books, the answer was dusted off, the magnitude of writing something passionate between the lines, and losing all faith, the cruelty that exists in those who seek a way out and what we dare to do when everything falls apart, defines us as people.

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