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Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography is a type of intimate, sensual and elegant portrait photography that is usually performed on women in a “boudoir” environment. Imitating the environment in which a woman prepares, she dresses or makes up, with the intimate and delicate context, which is the general tone of the Boudoir session; always accompanied by transmitting elegance.

The place must be accompanied by rooms with good lighting, spacious to enjoy different perspectives, with decoration elements not lived in and accessories that will accompany the portrait, taking care of details and elegance at all times.

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Boudoir Experience

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One of the most common reasons to request a boudoir photo shot is maybe to remark an special occasion, to feel sensual and comfortable with their bodies, comfortable with sharing an intimate part of their life by gaining self esteem.


Luz Villegas | Méx.

“Mis miedos fueron apagados por un momento, mis tabúes hechos a un lado, me sentía plena. Una experiencia que todos deberían de vivir"

Etthel JP | Pue.

"Fue muy agradable la sesión. Siempre abierto a escuchar mis propuestas y a construir juntos las imágenes. Recomiendo trabajar con Fer".

Gisela Zamudio | Jal.

"Me sentí tan bella y especial, creo que todos deberían de tener al menos esta experiencia una vez en su vida"
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