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Uruguay, "The south capital of the planet".

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If ever I have to tell certain cross stories, show an image and manage to freeze that moment, it would be

the quickest way to get away from reality.

The photos are a fragment of time, where adventure is nurtured, a space to rejoice in the adrenaline experienced, the colours, or perhaps it is a way to stimulate new experiences and new trips. Because the latter is a way of finding what one believed not to seek.

From Montevideo, you would fall in love with its gastronomy and its literature. The streets, in whose corners stories of refugees are perceived, marked by the battle of the Río de la Plata, pride in the navy, soccer fans and nationalism, in the best sense of the word. You would also get amazed by its beaches that would take your breath away, but, above of all, the proximity of the people will make you return.

On the other hand, there is Buenos Aires, the world capital of tango, a cosmopolitan city outlined with the architecture of the Belle Époque (1860-1936). There the exquisite taste for Asado and mate triumphs, with a pleasant climate along the year, people who appreciate their way of life, fun and helpful who will encourage you to discover every corner of the country.

Without a doubt, the extreme south of the globe has much to offer and little to regret. To all the casual and passionate people, I dedicate this blog.

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